Reconciliation Action Plan

SVA has taken another proud step on the reconciliation journey, with the launch of our third Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

In this RAP, we have stretched ourselves to take the fundamentals of our previous two RAPs, coupled with learnings and advice from First Nations stakeholders, to embed reconciliation throughout the organisation.

This RAP has been guided by close First Nations friends and colleagues, and demonstrates a commitment to ongoing engagement with First Nations leaders and communities. SVA is extending itself and seeking to hold itself to account with bold targets and in committing to sharing stories and lessons with the sector.

The RAP was launched by Chief Executive Officer, Rob Koczkar following 2018 National Reconciliation Week (27 May – 3 June).

Rob Koczkar former SVA CEO said,

At SVA we believe a reconciled Australia is one in which substantive rights and opportunities are guaranteed for all Australians. Achieving this goal requires institutional, policy, service and funding change – all with a focus on increasing First Australians’ capacity for self-determination and self-governance.’

Please read our Reconciliation Action Plan (PDF, 3MB)

Jason Eades, former SVA First Australians Practice Lead said,

This RAP is important because it lays out an ambition and pathway for reconciliation that involves tangible steps SVA can take.’

SVA’s third Reconciliation Action Plan, a Stretch RAP, identifies 16 actions which SVA commits to take to strengthen and extend its relationship with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. These actions work towards building the organisation’s cross-cultural competence, and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, business and ventures.